Kate founded Designed Interiors, LLC in 2007 and dwelling in the spring of 2010 with a mission to fuse eclectic design into homes of the west.  With an abundance of traditional western design in the region, Kate brought a  fresh mountain modern perspective.  She eagerly undertook defining and creating unique spaces that bridge the rustic elements of our surroundings with the contemporary trends of the modern design world.  Kate believes in eclectic design, being the most unique way to define her client’s space.

Kate’s background includes a BS from Miami University in Art Education with a minor in Fine Arts and Family Studies, as well as FIDER accredited UCLA Interior Design School. Her education coupled with 17 years of work experience in Los Angeles and Jackson Hole, has provided a diverse palate for her residential and commercial work. Kate’s true talent lies in the ability for smart space planning and her ability to fuse an eclectic mix of styles.

Kate strives to create spaces at grow with and contribute to her client’s lifestyles and budgets, incorporating comfort, flow, texture and color.  She enjoys developing personal relationships with her clients and loves the collaborative design process which achieves a completely personalized space.  Working with many local artisans and materials, Kate creates fully custom elements to enhance your space.  Function over form, form over function – that’s what dwelling aims to decipher, and in turn, assists our clients with creating an environment as unique as they are.

Kate is hands-on with her innovative design team;  there is no project in which she is not involved.  Whether it is a new build, full-scale remodel, Kate takes pride in her practice of thoughtful design and follow through.  Kate believes in eclectic design being the most unique avenue to define her client’s space